How to Farm Energy Crystals in Portal Knights

Portal Knights Peak

Energy Crystals are a late-game item in Portal Knights. They’re a crafting component in many end-game items, so if you’ve made it deep into the game, it’s likely you’re going to need a whole ton of these things.

The best way to farm Energy Crystals in Portal Knights is by exploring the Tomb of C’Thiris. (In some forum posts, users are referring to this as the Tomb of the Pharaoh, but Tomb of C’Thiris is the official title.) The Tomb can be accessed using a C’Thiris Tesseract, which you can craft from 10 Stone Blocks and 1 Energy Crystal.

Portal Knights C'Thris Tesseract

Of course, this is a problem if you don’t have any Energy Crystals to begin with. So if you need one quickly to kick off the process, there’s an early-game quest that will reward you with one.

First, you’ll want to create a new world, and you can make things quite a bit easier for yourself if you set the world size to Small. Restore each portal and travel from island to island until you come to Garnet Peaks.

Portal Knights World Map

This is the island on your map right before the first boss battle, so it’s pretty easy to find. If you don’t take any wrong turns, it should be the fifth island you discover.

You’ll want to find Hector the Guard. He’s not difficult to find, since he hangs out in the entryway to one of the stone towers in the stage, and those towers are pretty hard to miss.

Portal Knights Stone Tower

Hector will give you a quest called “Guard Duty,” in which you’ll have to kill five Thunder Gazers. If you’ve been working on endgame content already, this quest should be a breeze. Simply head into the dungeon and kill five Thunder Gazers, which, as the name implies, are the batlike creatures that try to zap you with thunder. It’s extremely easy, though you might have to leave the island and come back so more spawn in. I’ve typically only found four in any dungeon run, and there’s often only one tower on the island when your world size is Small.

All in all, this whole process should take you maybe 30-45 minutes if you’re decked out with late-game gear.

Portal Knights and Hector with His Energy Crystal

Once you have the Energy Crystal, you can use it to craft the C’Thiris Tesseract and travel to the Tomb of C’Thiris.

Note that this is a Level 35 area, so traveling here before you hit level cap is madness. Many of the monsters in this part of the game are really difficult. The Anub’Krakens are especially brutal.

Portal Knights Tomb of C'Thiris

Once you’re here, you’ll be given a quest to “Defeat the Curse of C’Thiris,” which means you have to descend through the tomb’s layers and seek out the curse, then destroy it.

But it’s not the curse you’re after. What you’re actually looking for are the sarcophagi that have Cthulu-esque creatures on them.

Portal Knights Sarcophagus

Bust these open with your pickaxe and you’ll get a pile of loot. Most notably, many of these sarcophagi have Energy Crystals inside. Just keep in mind that the loot is randomly generated, and the Energy Crystals are still fairly rare.

There’s also a chance that monsters will drop Energy Crystals, but the drop rate seems extremely low, at least in my experience.

There are other places to farm Energy Crystals too, but these are tied to events. For example, if you manage to get the Araktula Invasion event, you can farm a ton of these things pretty quickly. There are three types of Araktulas that spawn in during this event: Baby Araktulas, Bamboo Araktulas, and Striped Araktulas. Each one you kill has a small chance of dropping an Energy Crystal.

Now, I’m not sure if this is just a matter of luck, but I found the Striped Araktulas to have the highest drop rate. Of course, they’re also the hardest to kill.

While these events seem like the fastest way to farm Energy Crystals, they also depend on your world spawning in the proper events, which are randomized.

No matter how you decide to farm Energy Crystals in Portal Knights, you have a bit of a grind ahead of you. Good luck!

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William Carpenter
William Carpenter
2 years ago

Hector is not appearing?!?! What do I do???

A dude
A dude
2 years ago

I found Hector in a dungeon in a room I had to mine to. Hope this helps.

1 year ago

Thanks totally helped 😀

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