Puppet Yoda Is Better Than Prequel Yoda

Star Wars Yoda

If you still haven’t seen The Last Jedi, this article contains a minor spoiler.

Let me start by first confessing that I’m not a big Star Wars fan. I saw the original trilogy as a kid, each film maybe one or two times. They were okay. I admittedly got caught up in the secondhand hype for the prequel trilogy, but after watching one of them, I quickly realized that, nope, I’m probably not much of a Star Wars fan.

So I was pretty set on not bothering to go see The Last Jedi. But when I realized my partner was legitimately excited to go see it on the big screen, I decided to tag along and hope for the best. I thought, overall, it was less fun and exciting than The Force Awakens — which I did actually see — and the jokes we’re fucking atrocious. Otherwise, it was a perfectly fine movie.

Star Wars Yoda

What I wasn’t expecting from The Last Jedi, however, was the return of puppet Yoda. “My god,” I said to myself. A genuine practical creature effect that, although silly in many ways, was still fucking awesome.

I’ve personally always hated CGI Yoda. His ability to bounce all over the fucking place while fighting was just plain silly, and his minuscule stature looks completely idiotic when he’s fighting a full grown man. Yoda’s fight scene in Attack of the Clones feels so contrived and pointless.

Star Wars Yoda

Accepting the limitations of a genuine puppet rather than a computer-generated model actually made it easier to mimic the movements of an elderly being. He was looking like he did in Empire Strikes Back, which is exactly how he should always look — he’s just so much more adorable than his CGI re-imagining.

The biggest surprise of all this, however, was that my partner — a much bigger Star Wars fan than I’ll ever be — hated seeing Puppet Yoda. She said he looked dumb.

I don’t know which side of this debate the truest fans find themselves on, but I’ll take that wispy old Don Rickles-looking, Muppet-talking puppet any day.

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