How to Unlock Music Tracks in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Squid Sisters

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has so many great features that it’s hard to pick a favorite. But if I were to make a top ten list, the music playlist feature would be near the top for sure. This game features approximately 900 music tracks, and it contains a playlist feature that lets you listen to them all. Since the Nintendo Switch is a portable device, this basically transforms your console into an iPod loaded up with video game music. (Come on, you remember iPods, don’t you?)

However, not all the music is unlocked right out of the box. Don’t worry, you start off with more than 700 tracks and the remaining ones are pretty simple to unlock. There are five ways to unlock tracks: the Shop, amiibo figures, Classic Mode, the Challenge Board, World of Light.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - In-Game Shop

The Shop

First, you earn gold coins simply by fighting in battles. Every match you play, you’ll earn a little bit of jingle jangle for your efforts. These coins add up, and eventually you can use them in an in-game shop. In the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate main menu, simply go to Vault, and then navigate to the Shop icon.

Here, you can spend your hard-earned gold coins on items, Spirits, costume pieces for your Mii fighters, and music tracks.

As far as I can tell, the offerings in the shop are randomized. When you buy something, the slot empties for a bit, but something will appear in its place eventually. I’m actually not sure how long it takes for the selection to refresh, but from the experimentation I’ve done, it seems to do so fairly quickly.

So smash some bros. Earn some coins. Then purchase your favorite tracks.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Amiibo Gift

Amiibo Figures

Scanning Smash Bros. amiibo figures will sometimes earn you gifts, and those gifts will sometimes be music tracks. To learn more about how that works, check out my full guide here.

If you have piles of old amiibo figures lying about like I do, this is a great way to earn all sorts of loot, including music tracks.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Palutena

Classic Mode

In Classic Mode, you chose a character and run through a series of predetermined battles that culminates in a boss fight of some sort. You’ll earn loot based on how well you do.

If you want to really challenge yourself, you can spend a Ticket, which will increase your loot payout at the end of Classic Mode. If you spend Tickets, you can earn music tracks by clearing Classic Mode.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Challenge Board

Challenge Board

Additionally, some tracks can be unlocked by completing challenges on the Challenge Board. Here’s a list of tracks that can be obtained via the Challenge Board:

“Namco Arcade ’80s Retro Medley 1” from Namco Arcade – With Pac-Man’s Final Smash, hit an enemy player for 7,650 points.

“Duty Ablaze” from Fire Emblem Awakening – This one is a bit tough, since there are a whole bunch of strange conditions to it. First off, you need to play a 2v2 battle against a Level 9 CPU opponent. Also, you can’t have Spirits or handicaps enabled. Within three minutes, you must KO your opponent using Robin’s flurry attack. This is a neutral A attack. When your opponent is close, double-tap A quickly to trigger the move. Now pray for a KO.

“Minor Circuit” from Punch-Out!! – Unlock the Gym in World of Light. To access the Gym, you’ll have to defeat Doc Louis.

“Galeem” from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Defeat Galeem (boss of the Light Realm) in World of Light.

“Dharkon” from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Defeat Dharkon (boss of the Dark Realm) in World of Light.

“Galeem/Dharkon” from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Defeat Galeem/Dharkon (final boss of World of Light).

“Mega Man Retro Medley” from Mega Man – Clear Classic Mode as Mega Man.

“Battle! (Wild Pokémon)” from Pokémon Diamond/Pokémon Pearl – In Classic Mode, KO fighters from Pokémon 20 times.

“Black Knight” from Castlevania – Defeat the Dracula boss in Classic Mode.

“Calling to the Night” from Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops – Complete Classic Mode on a difficulty of 5.0 or higher without using a continue. This challenge needs to be completed on 5.0, not started on 5.0, so it’s not that difficult. The difficulty ramps up with each completed stage depending on how well you do, so as long as you can play halfway decently, you should be able to start at about 2.0 and be fine.

“Vault” from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Create a playlist in the Sounds menu. Because this isn’t very intuitive, we’ve created a guide that should help you create your first playlist.

“Final Destination Ver. 2” from Super Smash Bros. – Have access to 750 music tracks in the Sounds menu.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - World of Light

World of Light

World of Light is the game’s campaign. It’s also referred to as Adventure Mode. In World of Light, music tracks can be unlocked by opening chests that are scattered across the world. Below you’ll find a list of music tracks that are found in chests. If you want a complete list of the contents of every single chest in World of Light, you can read our full guide here.

“Forest Stage” from Kirby Air Ride – This track can be found in one of the first chests in the World of Light. It’s near the main wall, just to the right of the tongue-shaped gate. (The image above shows the location of this chest.)

“Main Theme – Yoshi’s Woolly World” from Yoshi’s Woolly World – This track can be found on the overworld map, just to the north of the heart-shaped pool.

“Melty Monster” from Super Mario Galaxy 2 – This track is found in a chest in the Bowser’s Castle Dungeon.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - World of Light

“Jungle Level Tribal Style (for 3DS / Wii U)” from Donkey Kong Country – To the west of the central city and to the north of the Metal Gear dungeon, there’s a trail that runs above a steppe plateau area. There’s a spot where you can jump down, and you’ll find the track inside a chest there. The picture above shows exactly where it is.

“Break: Through the Ice”  from Star Fox: Assault – This track is inside a chest located on the top of a snowy mountain, between the Temple of Light dungeon and the space section of the overworld.

“Kid Icarus Retro Medley” from Kid Icarus – This track is in a chest located inside the Temple of Light, to the left of the entrance.

“StreetSmash” from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U – This track is inside a chest that can be found in the overworld’s Pac-Man maze area.

“Undertow” from Splatoon 2 – This track can be found in a chest in the seaside village just south of the Pac-Man maze in the overworld.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - World of Light

“Jail of Jewel” from Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin – This track can be found in a chest in the central tower in the Dracula’s Castle dungeon after you use the cannons to destroy a series of gears. The image above shows exactly where the chest is.

“Dark World (For 3DS/Wii U)” from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past – This track can be found in a chest in the top section (Gerudo Desert) of the Sacred Land dungeon. (If you want to see a full guide to every chest in the Dark Realm, check out our full guide.)

Also, clearing World of Light for the first time opens a new option in the My Music menu that lets you select music for the game’s main menu screen.

And that should be the complete list. If I missed any, let me know in the comments.

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