Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Boxing Ring Titles: A Complete List

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Boxing Ring

One of the lesser-known features of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate appears in only one stage in the game, the Boxing Ring. This stage has a giant video monitor in the background, which displays a live feed of the match in progress. However, it tends to cut away from the action from time to time to show the current score.

On the scorecard, you’ll see portraits of the characters, along with their name and some sort of title. Some of them are what you’d expect, while others can get pretty goofy. For example, Mario is “Mr. Video Game Himself,” and Wario is “Scoundrel with a Fart of Gold.”

It’s a great feature that makes Boxing Ring matches fun to watch for anyone with an eye for detail.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Boxing Ring

Since the Ultimate roster includes every fighter that’s ever been in a Smash game, every character in Smash history now has an official Smash-canon nickname, with a few caveats that are noted at the end of this article. Below you’ll a complete list of every Boxing Ring title in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

  • Alph – Astronaut in Training
  • Bayonetta – Umbra Witch
  • Bowser – King of the Koopas
  • Bowser Jr. – Prince of the Koopas
  • Captain Falcon – The Supersonic Slugger
  • Charizard – Blazing Fury
  • Chrom – Prince of Ylisse
  • Cloud – SOLDIER 1st Class
  • Corrin – Blood of Dragons
  • Daisy – Sarasaland’s Chipper Princess
  • Dark Pit – Dark-Winged Doppelgänger 
  • Dark Samus – Phazon Incarnate
  • Diddy Kong – The Acrobat
  • Donkey Kong – King of the Jungle
  • Dr. Mario – The Prescriber
  • Duck Hunt – Bark, Quack, Boom!
  • Falco – Proud Space Ace
  • Fox – Leader of Star Fox
  • Ganondorf – The King of Darkness
  • Greninja – Master of Stealth
  • Ice Climbers – Bone-Chilling Duo
  • Iggy Koopa – The Laughing Prankster
  • Ike – The Radiant Hero of Legend
  • Incineroar – The Ring’s Raging Flame
  • Inkling – Part Kid, Part Squid
  • Isabelle – The Mayor’s Assistant
  • Jigglypuff – The Sleepy Singer
  • Ken – The Fire-Breathing Fist
  • King Dedede – Self-Made King
  • King K Rool – The Kremling Commander
  • Kirby – The Pink Demon
  • Larry Koopa – The Youngest
  • Lemmy Koopa – Wacky War Machine
  • Link – Champion of Hyrule
  • Little Mac – Bruiser from the Bronx
  • Lucario – Master of Aura
  • Lucas – Boy from Nowhere
  • Lucina – Warrior from a Doomed Future
  • Ludwig von Koopa – Pompous Prodigy
  • Luigi – The Eternal Understudy
  • Mario – Mr. Video Game Himself
  • Marth – The Hero-King
  • Mii Brawler – The Brawler of Many Faces
  • Mii Gunner – The Gunner of Many Faces
  • Mii Swordfighter – The Swordfighter of Many Faces
  • Mega Man – The Blue Bomber
  • Meta Knight – The Masked Swordsman
  • Mewtwo – A Legend Reawakens
  • Morton Koopa Jr. – The Enforcer
  • Mr. Game & Watch – Master of Two Dimensions
  • Ness – The PSI Powerhouse
  • Olimar – Veteran Astronaut
  • Pac-Man – The Yellow Bane of Ghosts
  • Palutena – Goddess of Light
  • Peach – Princess of Toadstools
  • Pichu – Shockingly Adorable
  • Pikachu – Pika Pika!
  • Pit – Captain of Lady Palutena’s Guard
  • Pokémon Trainer – Wants to Be the Very Best
  • Richter – Azure Vampire Assassin
  • Ridley – Cunning God of Death
  • R.O.B. – The Last of His Kind
  • Robin – The Tactician Magician
  • Rosalina & Luma – The Cosmic Travelers
  • Roy – The Young Lion
  • Roy Koopa – The Cool One
  • Ryu – Eternal Wanderer
  • Samus – Bounty Hunter Extraordinaire
  • Sheik – The Illusive Sheikah
  • Shulk – The Visionary
  • Simon – Evil’s Whip-Wielding Bane
  • Snake – The Legendary Mercenary
  • Sonic – The Blue Blur
  • Toon Link – Wind-Waking Warrior
  • Villager – Mayor of Smashville
  • Wario – Scoundrel with a Fart of Gold
  • Wendy O. Koopa – The Bold Beauty
  • Wii Fit Trainer (Female) – Yoga Warrior
  • Wii Fit Trainer (Male) – The BMI Bandit
  • Wolf – The Silver Space Wolf
  • Yoshi – Omnivore of the Year
  • Young Link – Master of the Ocarina
  • Zelda – Hyrule’s Wise Princess
  • Zero Suit Samus – The Warrior Within
Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Boxing Ring

There are a few additional things to take note of, so I’ve explained those below.

  • The Pokémon Stadium and Pokémon Stadium 2 stages also have giant screens in the background, but they don’t display character titles.
  • Pokémon Trainer only has one nickname rather than one for each of the Pokémon in his/her toolkit.
  • I got Charizard’s nickname from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, which also contained the Boxing Ring stage.
  • Many characters, such as Pokémon Trainer and Villager, have male and female variations, but gender does not affect title. There is one exception: Wii Fit Trainer has separate titles for the male and female versions.
  • Alph is just an alternative costume option for Olimar, yet Alph and Olimar each has his own unique title.
  • Each of Bowser Jr.’s costume swaps is a different one of the seven Koopalings, and each Koopaling has his or her own title. The Koopalings are Iggy Koopa, Larry Koopa, Lemmy Koopa, Ludwig von Koopa, Morton Koopa Jr., Roy Koopa, and Wendy O. Koopa.
  • Adult Link’s title has changed since Smash 4. He was Hero of Hyrule in Smash 4, but in Ultimate he has become Champion of Hyrule.
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