Super Smash Bros. Ultimate World of Light New Game Plus – What Carries Over?

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

So, you’ve completed World of Light’s gauntlet of battles and boss fights, and you’re still itching for more? Well, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has you covered. World of Light has a full-on New Game+ mode.

After you’ve completed World of Light, the next time you load your save data you’ll be asked if you want to load the old save data (which will plop you back into the world before the final boss fight gauntlet), or you can create a New Game+ save. If you choose to create a New Game+ save file, you’ll have the option to overwrite your old data or create a new file. I would recommend creating a new file, as there are some challenges that you can only get in the very last part of the game. If you want a shot at smashing those challenges without having to replay the entire World of Light over again, you’ll want to have an endgame save file handy.

By starting a New Game+ file, you’ll also unlock a challenge on the Challenge Board that awards you 20,000 Spirit Points (SP).

So what carries over from the main game into New Game+? Here’s a list.


Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Jigglypuff Joins the Battle

All those fighters you spent ages unlocking in World of Light don’t get re-locked once you start New Game+. From the very beginning, you have access to every character you freed in the main game. It’s not just Kirby this time.

But wait. Wasn’t the whole point of World of Light to awaken all of the characters? Yes, and you’ll be awakening them all over again. The only difference is that you don’t need to awaken a character in order to have access to that character, as long as you’ve unlocked it in a previous playthrough. If you missed any characters, however, you’ll have to go back through the game and make sure you awaken that character this time around.


Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Spirits

This one is a no-brainer. Your Spirits collection is shared across every mode in the game that uses Spirits, so obviously you won’t lose any when you transition into New Game+.

As you play through New Game+, Spirit encounters are the same as they were in your first playthrough. This means you’ll only be adding an additional copy of each Spirit rather than collecting any new ones (unless you missed some in your original playthrough). This is great for completionists who couldn’t bear to discard their Spirits to get those sweet, sweet cores to summon more advanced Spirits.

Skill Tree

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Skill Tree

By the end of your first World of Light playthrough, you should be very close to having your entire Skill Tree filled out. But if you’ve got a few slots left to fill, you’ll be able to do that in New Game+. All your Skill Tree progress carries over from your first playthrough.

This makes the earlier parts of World of Light quite a bit easier. However, if you don’t want your perks to be applied to your character, you can always toggle active skills on and off in the Skill Tree menu. Simply move the pointer over a perk bubble and hit the A button to toggle it on or off.

I would have really liked to have seen additional skill branches pop out for New Game+, but that just wasn’t in the cards.


Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Timmy and Tommy

You’ll still have access to every shop, dojo, and exploration site you’ve unlocked. Don’t sweat it; Timmy and Tommy still have plenty of goods to sell you, and you won’t have to re-unlock their shop.


Super Smash Bros Ultimate - World of Light

All of the chest you’ve opened in your first playthrough will be closed and re-filled, so you can collect their contents over again. However, nothing changes. The items you found in the chests on your first playthrough are the exact same items you’ll find in New Game+.

So what about music tracks? Even those are the same. If you open up a chest with a music track inside, the notification will pop saying you’ve earned that song, even if you’d already earned it in a previous playthrough.

If you want to see what’s in every single chest in World of Light, check out our guides. We have a guide for the Light Realm and a separate guide for the Dark Realm.

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