How to Switch Peach and Daisy’s Weapons in Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Daisy

Every Smash character needs a weapon. Some characters fight with their fists, while others fight with swords, guns, or even their hair. Peach and Daisy, however, wield three different weapons: a golf club, a frying pan, and a tennis racket. In previous Smash Bros. titles, the weapon you fought with was left to chance. In Ultimate, however, players have the ability to select their weapon and change it on the fly.

The idea of rotating between weapons might seem confusing at first. At a glance, the differences between these weapons seem to be cosmetic. Furthermore, several sites have incorrectly reported that Peach and Daisy still randomly rotate their weapons. We can confirm that the weapons can easily be selected, and that each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages. 

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Daisy

The default weapon for both Peach and Daisy is the golf club. You’ll use this weapon anytime you attack with a forward-smash or forward-special. If you want to whack somebody with a golf club, the only thing you have to do is execute one of these attacks. 

Attacking with the frying pan or the tennis racket is a little more complicated, but only slightly so. If you want to use one of these two weapons, you’ll need to charge your attack. While your attack is charging, you can select your weapon with the directional stick. Tilt the directional stick upwards for the frying pan, and tilt it downwards for the tennis racket. You’ll be able to see your weapon change before you release your attack. 

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Daisy

But why bother to switch your weapons in the first place? As mentioned above, all three weapons offer benefits and drawbacks. The frying pan hits the hardest, but has the smallest amount of knockback. The tennis racket can launch your opponent across the stage, but it doesn’t deal as much damage. The golf club is a solid all-around weapon; it deals decent damage and provides some knockback. 

Peach and Daisy may look like ordinary princesses, but they’re hiding an impressive arsenal beneath their frilly dresses. Every one of their weapons packs a punch, and once you know how to switch between them, you’ll be able to take down your opponents without even taking off your gloves.

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