The First Limited Time Spirits Are Coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Mario

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s Spirit system is a thing of depth and frustration. While these little things can grant powerful bonuses to your amiibo FP or your character, they can sometimes be a pain to get your hands on. Some battles are quite difficult, and without a powerful Spirit team on your side already, there are quite a few that are simply out of reach. (The Pauline Spirit is especially tricky to obtain.)

If you have the collector’s bug, these little things are a lot like trading cards. At launch, the game contained 1,297 Spirits, so collecting every last one is no small feat.

And that feat is about to get even more challenging with the Oh Yeah! Mario Time! event.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Spirit Board

This event runs from December 28, 2018, to January 2, 2019, and it gives players a shot at three limited-time Spirits: Golden Dash Mushroom, River Survival, and Dice Block. This brings the game’s Spirit total to 1,302 (since two were added for players who have a Let’s Go Pikachu or Let’s Go Eevee save on their Switch).

Spirit Board events are not new to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, of course, and Oh Yeah! Mario Time! is the game’s third event. The first was called Spectacled Spirits, and it ran from December 14 to December 17, 2018. The second was Fire Emblem Fest (Part One), which ran from December 21 to December 24, 2018 (it’s probably safe to assume there will be another Fire Emblem event in the future).

Each event sets aside particular Spirits as “Event Spirits,” which means you’ll get bonus loot for defeating them. Plus, those Spirits tend to pop up on the board a lot more during the event.

However, the Oh Yeah! Mario Time! is the first event to offer time-limited Spirits. Will these Spirits be extra difficult for experienced Smash players, or will they be easy enough that beginners can nab them without too much frustration? We’ll see. Either way, if you’re trying to get all the spirits in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, you’re probably going to want to participate.

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