Every Spirit in the Oh Yeah! Mario Time! Event in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Oy Yeah Mario Time

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s third Spirit event is titled Oh Yeah! Mario Time! and it’s jam-packed with Mario-themed Spirits. This is the biggest event in Ultimate so far, and it’s the first to offer time-limited Spirits. There are three of them to collect: Dice Block, River Survival, and the star of the show, the Golden Dash Mushroom. Thankfully, none of these battles are very difficult, so even those who aren’t Smash legends should have a good shot at earning all of them.

I’ll go into the details of each of the new Spirits in a bit. But before I do that, I would like to point something out.

The new Spirits are numbered 1300, 1301, and 1302, with two missing slots for 1298 and 1299, as you can see in the image below.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Spirits

So what’s going on here? Well, the answer is that those are for the Partner Pikachu and Partner Eevee Spirits, which are currently only available to people who have a Let’s Go Pikachu or Let’s Go Eevee save file on their Switch. Nintendo claims they will be available to earn in “normal play” at a later date, so completionists are going to have to either buy two Pokémon games or wait patiently for whichever update will add these Spirits to “normal play.”

Alright, now that we’ve covered the empty slots, let’s check out those new Spirits!

1300 – Dice Block

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Dice Block Support Spirit

The Dice Block is a Novice-level Support Spirit that grants you the Improved Escape skill, which makes grabs and stuns easier to escape.

The battle isn’t difficult. You’ll face off against Patriotic Mario and Peach on the Princess Peach’s Castle stage (not Peach’s Castle, which I think is one of the worst stages in the game, but Princess Peach’s Castle which is far less awful). There will be giant steel crates of items dropped on the stage frequently, and Bullet Bill seems to be a very common item here. Oh, and items are magnetically pulled toward Mario and Peach.

1301 – River Survival

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - River Survival Support Spirit

River Survival is an Advanced-level Support Spirit that grants you the Falling Immunity skill. This skill prevents you from tripping during earthquakes or any other instance that would normally cause you to trip, such as stepping on a banana peel. It’s really not a rare skill, so this Spirit is a little bit of a bummer.

The battle, however, is the most interesting of the three. It’s a fight against Bowser, Kirby, Yoshi, and Rosalina at once, and there’s a 60-second timer active. You just need to survive until the timer runs out, but it’s far easier to try to knock all four enemies out. Bob-ombs will rain from the sky after a little while and make things an absolute nightmare for you and the enemies. There are also item tidal waves of food to keep your percentage low in between bombing runs.

If you can dodge or shield Bob-ombs at even a novice level, this battle shouldn’t be too difficult.

1302 – Golden Dash Mushroom

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Golden Dash Mushroom Support Spirit

The Golden Dash Mushroom is an Ace-level Support Spirit that grants you the Giant skill. It will make you a giant at the beginning of a battle.

This is the most difficult of the three fights, but even so it’s not that difficult. You’ll have to fight against a gold Mii Brawler, who’s wearing a mushroom hat, on the Omega version of the Figure-8 Circuit stage. There are three battle conditions:

  • The enemy has super armer and is hard to launch or make flinch.
  • The enemy is very fast and can’t stop quickly.
  • The enemy has increased attack power.

Several items will appear during the course of the fight, and all of them comm from the Mario Kart series. Items include Green Shell, Spiny (Blue) Shell, Super Star, Bullet Bill, Banana Peel, and Lightning.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Spirit Board

Besides the three exclusive Spirits, there are a ton of others that are considered part of the event. These aren’t timed exclusives so you don’t have to worry about missing them, but defeating these Spirits in battle gives you extra rewards. Don’t get too excited, though, the extra rewards are just additional gold coins, which you can spend in the Shop on the Vault menu.

Here’s a list of event Spirits (it’s pretty much every Spirit Board Spirit from the Mario series), along with a description of the battle:

Big Urchin (Advanced Primary Spirit) – Fight Giant Jigglypuff on the Battlefield version of the Mushroom Kingdom U stage. Jigglypuff is easily distracted by items, and all of the items are Unira (the spiny things).

Boo (Novice Primary Spirit) – Fight Kirby on the indoor phase of the Mushroom Kingdom U stage (the phase with the moving platforms). Kirby fades in and out of invisibility and his shield has extra durability. The Beam Sword shows up here frequently.

Boo Mario (Novice Support Spirit) – Fight Mario on the Dracula’s Castle stage. Mario is less affected by gravity, and he fades in and out of invisibility. Your jumping power decreases when the enemy is at high damage.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Wedding Bowser Spirit

Bowser (Wedding) (Ace Primary Spirit) – Fight Bowser on the New Donk City Hall stage. Peach is your CPU ally, and you lose the fight if she dies.

Blooper (Novice Primary Spirit) – Fight against a team of three Tiny Inklings on the Battlefield version of Delfino Plaza. The Inklings tend to avoid conflict. This is a timed battle where gravity is reduced.

Bullet Bill (Novice Primary Spirit) – You’ll have to fight a team of four Captain Falcons. Falcon is easily distracted by items, and there are Item tidal waves of Bullet Bills.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Chain Chomp Spirit

Chain Chomp (Advanced Primary Spirit) – For this battle, you’ll fight a Metal Pac-Man on the Battlefield version of the Yoshi’s Island stage. He favors side specials. You’ll also have to deal with Chain Chomp Assist Trophies, and the occasional Lip’s Stick item will appear.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Chargin' Chuck Spirit

Chargin’ Chuck (Novice Primary Spirit) – You’ll have to fight a Wario Team (which is four Warios) on the Battlefield version of the Super Mario Maker stage. They’re quite fond of dash attacks.

Dry Bowser (Legendary Primary Spirit) – Fight against Bowser on the Reset Bomb Forest stage. Bowser breathes fire and has increased defense. The floor is lava.

Fox Luigi (Ace Support Spirit) – Fight Tail Luigi (which is just Luigi equipped with a Super Leaf) on the Mushroom Kingdom U stage. Dangerously high winds are in effect, and the Fire Bar tends to drop here.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Flying Squirrel Toad Support Spirit

Flying Squirrel Toad (Advanced Support Spirit) – You’ll fight a Tail Mii Swordfighter (that’s a Mii Swordfighter with a Super Leaf equipped) on the Battlefield version of the Mushroom Kingdom U stage. The enemy has increased jump power and favors down specials in the air. Fire flowers will occasionally appear.

Goomba (Novice Primary Spirit) – You’ll need to defeat a Tiny Donkey Kong Team (That’s five Tiny DK’s) on the Mushroom Kingdom stage.

Hammer Bro (Advanced Primary Spirit) – Fight Yoshi, who calls in Hammer Bro Assist Trophies when at high damage. Yoshi favors up-specials.

Hothead (Novice Support Spirit) – Defeat Curry Pac-Man on the indoor phase of the Mushroom Kingdom U stage (the phase with the moving platforms). Pac-Man is easily distracted by items, and every one of those items is Hothead. If you can grab them before Pac-Man does, this fight is actually pretty easy.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Hungry Luma Support Spirit

Hungry Luma (Novice Support Spirit) – This is a no-frills battle against Rosalina on the Mario Galaxy stage with plenty of Super Launch Stars.

Koopa Troopa (Novice Support Spirit) – Fight Squirtle, who has increased defense and is easily distracted by items. There will be tons and tons of Green Shells appearing on this stage.

The Odyssey (Advanced Support Spirit) – This is a timed battle against
Giant Jigglypuff on the Rainbow Cruise stage. Jigglypuff is hard to launch and shields often.

Lakitu & Spiny (Advanced Primary Spirit) – You’ll have to fight Bowser Jr. and eight Tiny Bowsers on the Mushroom Kingdom stage. Items seem pretty random, but I’ve seen Lip’s Stick, Steel Diver, and the Motion-Sensor Bomb here.

Luma (Advanced Support Spirit) – Battle four Kirbys on the Mario Galaxy stage in a no-frills battle. All items are star-related, such as the Warp Star, Super Star, Super Launch Star, and Star Rod.

Lubba (Advanced Support Spirit) – This battle is against Giant Kirby on the Mario Galaxy stage where gravity is reduced. Kirby starts the battle with a Super Launch Star.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Mechakoopa Support Spirit

Mechakoopa (Advanced Support Spirit) – This battle is against a Tiny Bowser Team (which is a team of four Tiny Bowsers) on the indoor phase of the Mushroom Kingdom U stage (the phase with the moving platforms). Each enemy starts with a Bob-omb.

Metal Mario (Ace Primary Spirit) – Fight against Metal Mario on the Battlefield version of the Great Cave Offensive stage. The enemy is slow but has increased defense and attack.

Nipper Plant (Novice Primary Spirit) – Defeat a Tiny Pac-Man Team (Which consists of eight Tiny Pac-Men) on the Battlefield version of the Super Mario Maker stage. The enemy loves to jump.

Pauline (Legend Support Spirit) – Yes, the infamous Pauline Spirit is part of the event, but it’s super rare. I’ve already created a substantial guide for this fight, so I won’t repeat myself here.

Peach (Wedding) (Ace Support Spirit) – Defeat Peach on the New Donk City Hall stage. Wedding Mario shows up to help, but you only have to defeat Peach in order to win the fight. Peach tends to avoid conflict, and you take minor damage over time. Beam Swords and food might spawn on the map as well.

Pidgit (Advanced Support Spirit) – Fight against Peach on the Mushroom Kingdom II stage. She has increased jump power and starts the battle with a Rocket Belt.

Plessie (Novice Support Spirit) – Fight against a Giant Yoshi on the Great Bay stage.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Rock Mario Support Spirit

Rock Mario (Advanced Support Spirit) – You’ll have to fight a Metal Jigglypuff on the Battlefield version of the Mario Galaxy stage. Jigglypuff’s neutral has increased power, and it favors neutral specials. Expect the occasional Motion-Sensor Bomb to show up here.

Shy Guy (Novice Primary Spirit) – Defeat Mii Brawler, Mii Swordfighter, and Mii Gunner on the Mushroom Kingdom II stage. The enemies favor neutral specials and are easily distracted by items.

Shine Sprite (Legend Support Spirit) – If you do’t have his Spirit already, you’ll definitely want to nab it. The fight isn’t easy, though. You’ll need to defeat Rosalina and Luma on Delfino Plaza. Three Kirbys will also join the fight, but you only need to beat Rosalina. She’s no walk in the park, however, since she will often be invincible and she’ll randomly have a Final Smash. Good luck.

Starship Mario (Advanced Support Spirit) – Fight Giant Mario on the Battlefield version of the Mario Galaxy stage. Gravity is reduced.

Super Star (Ace Support Spirit) – You’ll fight Rosalina and Luma on Peach’s Castle (which is one of the worst stages in the game). Rosalina will occasionally be invincible when at high damage, and her Final Smash meter charges quickly. All fighters are easy to launch.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Toadsworth Support Spirit

Toadsworth (Novice Support Spirit) – You’ll fight against Construction Worker Mario on Princess Peach’s Castle. This is a no-frills battle, but there are Mushroom items that will appear.

Waluigi (Ace Primary Spirit) – Fight against a purple luigi on Peach’s Castle. He has Waluigi Assist Trophies to help him out.

Wanda (Novice Support Spirit) – Defeat Tiny Palutena on the Dream Land stage. Regular-size reinforcements (Yoshi, Peach, and Mario) will appear one at a time, though you only need to defeat Palutena to win.

Wart (Advanced Primary Spirit) – Fight King K. Rool and Peach, though you only need to defeat K. Rool to win. This battle takes place on the Battlefield version of the Skyworld stage, and the floor is sleep-inducing.

Wiggler (Novice Support Spirit) – Fight Yoshi on the Yoshi’s Island (Melee) stage. Yoshi becomes powerful when badly damaged, and there will be lots of Lip’s Sticks.

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