This Interactive Collectable Location Map for Red Dead Online Is an Absolute Godsend

Madam Nazar - Read Dead Online

Collector is one of Red Dead Redemption 2‘s most lucrative roles if you know how to make the most of it. Plus, it’s the source of one of the prettiest horses — in my opinion — in the entire game, the Bay Frame Overo variant of the Criollo.

If you really want to make fat cash as a collector in Red Dead Online, you will seek out full sets of items and sell them to Madam Nazar. A full set of tarot cards, for example, will sell for $240.50. However, getting a full set of anything isn’t exactly easy in this game.

Thankfully, the jeanropke map exists. This interactive collector’s map will show you the location of every collectable in the online mode.

jeanropke map - Red Dead Online

With this online resource, you can select which category of collectible you’re looking for and select or deselect it. You can also use it as a checklist and hide the items you’ve already collected.

Now, there’s a bit of a catch to the whole collectable thing in Red Dead Online. See, the collectable locations move every 24 hours (the location reset occurs at 7pm Central Time). Thankfully, this map accounts for that, showing you real-time locations for every collectable item in Red Dead Online. (If you leave the map open for too long, you might have to refresh your browser.)

So yes, the jeanropke map is online, free to use, interactive, and persistently updated in real time. Earning the Level 20 Criollo variants will be no trouble at all if you use this map.

Bay Frame Overo Criollo

Simply put, if you take the Collector role in Red Dead Online, you simply can’t ignore this valuable resource. This collector’s map is absolutely essential in making the most of the role.

If you missed the link earlier in the piece, here is the link for the jeanropke map. Good luck, fellow treasure hunter!

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4 months ago

The jeanropke map doesn’t match up with my in-game map on XB1.

4 months ago
Reply to  Josh Wirtanen

Thanks. I’ve found 1 Old Tom Gin (yesterday) finally. I have at least 10 more alcohol collections waiting on more Old Tom. Same with other’s frustrating. I want some of my $ for those damn maps. I’m still sort of new. I haven’t played online for a month yet. It’d be nice to have a posse to ride with.

3 months ago

I’m rank 318, first time I did 10 of all collections I did all but flowers and sold them all on a bonus weekend for 50k, I still have 46k of that and own everything, I’m 1/2 way to another 50k right now, I’ll never have to make money again

This interactive map is insane, and to have everything u need to start the role for equipment is only 2-3k

Last edited 3 months ago by Chris
23 days ago

Thanks this was insanely helpful!

11 days ago

Thank you for this amazingly helpful map.

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