Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Muffy’s Home Interior Is Dark and Gloomy (as You Might Expect)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Muffy Home Interior

Muffy is Animal Crossing‘s beloved gothic sheep. Her catchphrase is “nightshade,” and, according to her Pocket Camp description: “Muffy cloaks herself in darkness and gloom. Beneath the shroud of her night ways lies the unspeakable heart of a warm, caring woman.”

She’s back in New Horizons, bringing her own brand of cheery gloom to islands everywhere. She also has a new home interior, which has a dark and maybe faux-Victorian feel. What else would you expect from this girl?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Muffy Home Interior

There are some interesting choices here, including two different sewing machines and a spinning wheel. Mostly everything is black, but there are some shades of pink present as well. It’s nice to see that she keeps her clothing clean and ironed, as she has a Deluxe Washer and an Ironing Board.

Here is a list of Muffy’s home interior design choices:

  • Wall: Black Botanical-Tile Wall
  • Flooring: Purple Desert-Tile Flooring
  • Music: K.K. Sonata

And here is a list of all of her default furniture items:

  • Antique Bed (Black)
  • Deluxe Washer (Black)
  • Floral Swag (Pink)
  • Iron Closet (Black)
  • Iron Entrance Mat (Black)
  • Iron Worktable (Black)
  • Ironing Board (Triangles)
  • Ironwood DIY Workbench (Walnut)
  • Lily Record Player (Pink)
  • Magical Dress (Pink)
  • Old Sewing Machine (Black)
  • Sewing Machine (Black)
  • Shiny Bow Platform Shoes (Pink)
  • Spinning Wheel (No variants)
  • Sturdy Sewing Box (Black)
  • Wooden Stool (Dark Wood)

Note: Nookapedia reports that she should also have the Rattan Towel Basket, but in my world, she did not have this as part of her default decor.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Muffy Home Interior

But wait, there are more villager interiors to check out! I also snapped interior design photos of Sterling, Tasha, and Raymond, so check those out to explore more of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons interior design world.

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