Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Raymond’s Home Interior Is All Business

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Raymond Home Interior

We’ve already explored the luxurious home interior of Tasha, as well as the perplexing prison complex that belongs to Sterling. So let’s now take a gander at the home interior of one very popular cat.

Without a doubt, the most popular new villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is Raymond, who we affectionately refer to as “Business Cat.” In fact, this well-dressed feline has caused quite a stir in the Animal Crossing trading community. Everybody seems to want him on their island, and there is currently no Raymond amiibo card. To acquire Raymond, you must be really, really lucky, or you’ll have to find someone else who already has him and is willing to give him up (which would also make you really, really lucky). Our current Raymond holder visited about 500 Nook Miles islands before she finally acquired this popular kitty.

Anyway, Raymond’s charm is undoubtedly due to his business-casual look, as well as his perpetually serious facial expressions. It’s really hard to not want to hug this smug little guy.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Raymond Home Interior

As you might expect, his home interior is a reflection of his serious personality, as it resembles the inside of an office building. He’s got a work-appropriate desk, with an office chair and a desktop computer, as well as a fax machine and a stack of documents. He’s got a water cooler, for those breaktime conversations about the most recent Netflix series, and a whiteboard for brainstorming. And, of course, he’s got his own luxurious desk overlooking everything, making it clear who the boss of this space is. (One thing that’s missing in the above photo, however, is his favorite coffee mug, which you can see in the top image.)

Here’s another look at Raymond’s home interior, this time from above:

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Raymond Home Interior

Clearly, he’s a cat who takes his work life seriously.

Here is a list of Raymond’s home interior design choices:

  • Wall: Office Wall
  • Flooring: Monochromatic Tile Flooring
  • Music: K.K. Cruisin’

And here is a list of all of his default furniture items:

  • Den Chair
  • Den Desk
  • Desktop Computer
  • Document Stack
  • Formal Paper
  • Iron Worktable (Black)
  • Modern Office Chair
  • Mug
  • Office Desk
  • Safe
  • Wall Clock
  • Water Cooler
  • Whiteboard
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Raymond
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