Mortal Shell – How to Unlock the Brigand Life Trophy and the Easiest Ending

Mortal Shell - Brigand Life

Mortal Shell is a dark fantasy action RPG with more than a little in common with Dark Souls. That’s not a bad thing, mind you — Mortal Shell seems to really get what makes Dark Souls great, and it does toss some of its own flavoring into the pot.

One of Mortal Shell‘s distinctive flavors is the weird, silly, and kind of amazing Brigand Life ending (and the accompanying Trophy). You can earn the Brigand Life Trophy, and see the Brigand Life ending, from almost the beginning of the game (you’ll only need to have fought Hadern, and it doesn’t matter if you won or lost that fight).

You will need two items though:

  • Roasted Rat
  • Superior Moonshine

Once you have those items, you can find Baghead, the character who will trigger the ending.

Note: I’ve posted a video at the end of this article that shows the exact path you’ll need to take. Skip to that if you don’t want to read all the directions.

From the beginning of Fallgrim (the place you wriggle out of after the Hadern Fight), cross the swamp and go up the hill to your right (there’s a bandit camp and a whole bunch of bear traps there. Go straight through the camp and keep moving forward. Try to move as straight forward as possible (don’t take the side paths that veer off to the left or right) until you see Gorf (the giant toad) to your right.

Mortal Shell - Gorf

Continue past Gorf and follow the left-hand wall of the gorge. You’ll need to make an almost 180-degree turn (to the left) once you pass Gorf’s area to find that path that leads up to Baghead.

Mortal Shell

Once you find this path, just follow it as it winds its way up the hill, past some archers and another brigand camp. At the end of the path you’ll find Baghead.

Mortal Shell - Baghead

Baghead will ask you for a Roasted Rat. Simply hit Yes to give him the rat and go through his dialogue. Talk to him a second time and he’ll ask for a Superior Moonshine. Hit Yes again to give him that as well. Talk to him a third time, and he’ll ask you to be his best friend forever. Select Yes and you’ll trigger the ending. Really, that’s all there is to it.

After the credits roll, you will spawn back at Sester Genessa, and you should still have all of the Tar you had when you talked to Baghead. Plus, as long as you don’t sip Tar with Genessa, all of the enemies you killed on your way up to Baghead will still be gone.

You can watch the complete walkthrough video below.

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