The Batman Movie Trailer Is Two Minutes of Bat-Bliss

The Batman Movie

Cue the WB and DC logos in blood red and the sound of duct tape. Cut to an ominous figure applying said duct tape to what appears to be a corpse, and we are off to the races. The next two minutes, scored with a classic Nirvana song (and arguably my favorite Nirvana song) are pure Batman decadence.

Jeffrey Wright as Jim Gordon? Yes please.

Coming off of the hyper-grim Snyder style, the latest take on Batman feels absolutely fresh. And even though The Batman is still very much all doom and gloom, it is light years beyond the immature, amateurish Snyder aesthetic. And although Robert Pattinson’s pan-face style is not quite Batman as we know him, the actor doesn’t seem to be out of his depth here. In fact, the shot of him with his Batman eyeliner at the end of the trailer sold me one hundred percent.

The Batman Movie

The true highlight of the trailer — to say nothing for the ton of smaller highlights that are peppered throughout this trailer — comes at the 1:41 mark. We see some henchmen sizing up the Batman. One steps forward ready to attack, weapon in hand, and the Batman literally just beats the absolute shit out of him with one hand, only to beat just a little more shit out him once the thug has fallen to the ground, presumably already unconscious. Thes Batman calmly states, “I’m Vengeance.”

Yep, this is gonna be some shit. And although I am sad to have seen Ben Affleck’s run as Batman come to an end (at least until The Flash eventually finds its way to the big screen), this is exactly the Batman I need right now.

You can watch the full FanDome trailer below.

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