the machine that BREATHES Is an Unsettling Underground Mystery

Throughout the 1940s, a man named Richard Sharpe Shaver wrote to science fiction magazines claiming to have discovered ancient civilizations located deep beneath the ground. Known as “The Shaver Mystery,” these tales of ancient cave cities populated by sadistic creatures took the science fiction community by storm. Magazines like Amazing Stories saw a massive increase in circulation, and the veracity of these stories was hotly debated by fans.

What does the Shaver mystery have to do with the machine that BREATHES? Not a whole lot, necessarily, but this 2D survival horror game is set in a strange, mechanical city that’s deep beneath the ground. Who lives in the city? Why was it built? That’s an enigma you’ll have to solve as you play the game.

Inspired by System Shock and Resident Evil, the machine that BREATHES is a game that fans of sci-fi horror will want to keep an eye on. It’s set to release on Steam in early 2021. You can get a closer look at its creepy underground world in the trailer below.

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