Godlike Burger Is Basically a Sci-Fi Sweeney Todd Video Game

Godlike Burger

Have you ever wanted to run a burger joint? How about an intergalactic burger joint where several alien races come to get their grub? Well, restaurant-management game Godlike Burger lets you do exactly that. However, there’s a catch: You can’t order any meat for your burgers, so you have to improvise.

And yeah, that means you need to feed your customers, then murder them and harvest their parts for the next batch of burgers. It’s bizarre, chaotic, and just a wee bit psychopathic. In fact, it’s close to the plot of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, only with a sci-fi angle.

The management elements are really fast-paced, forcing you to keep a lot of things moving all at once. If you leave a burger on the oven, it will burn. If you let a burger cool down, you can’t serve it to a customer. If an appliance breaks down, you need to beat it into submission. If you run out of ingredients, you’ll have to buy more — unless that ingredient is meat, in which case, well, you know… And, if customers start getting suspicious, you could end up getting raided by the space cops.

Because of all of this, you’re essentially building a delicate house of cards that can quickly come tumbling down around you. But clever players will find ways to make it all work. Especially once you start making enough money to buy and upgrade lethal traps. Eventually, luring customers into traps after they’ve eaten becomes part of the rhythm of the game.

It’s a pretty addictive gameplay loop, and while I do have some complaints about the game, I think it’s a pretty decent way to spend an afternoon.

You can check out a trailer for Godlike Burger below.

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