Next Gen, Schmext Gen: There’s No Reason to Buy New Consoles

Xbox One PS4

I’m going to be honest with you. I still haven’t seen a title could convince me to purchase an Xbox One or PS4.

There are a few games floating out in the ether, but as titillating as some of them may seem, nothing has really grabbed me by the boo-boos. And there most certainly isn’t anything out right now that beckons me into the fold.

I’ve never been big fan of Sony’s first-party games, so Infamous: Second Son isn’t something I’m looking forward to. As for Microsoft’s exclusive Titanfall? Meh. Even if it was something I was excited about, I could just play it on my 360.

Batman: Arkham Knight could be awesome, but who’s to say that it will deliver? The series has offered a slew of great moments, but for me, but the Arkham games invariably fizzle out toward the end due to collectibles fatigue.

Xbox Press Conference 2014

The upcoming Alien: Isolation title looks promising, but so did Aliens: Colonial Marines. How did that game pan out again?

Watch Dogs seems like it could actually be be worthwhile, but, like Titanfall, the Xbox 360 version is good enough for me.

In fact, the only really exciting titles that I’m looking forward to are indie games. And most of them are actually going to also be on the PC, which seems like an increasingly viable option going forward.

I don’t watch live television, so the Xbox One’s TV features don’t interest me at all. I hate buying things I don’t need and will never use. That would be like buying a DVD/VCR combo and only using the DVD capabilities.

I’m also not crazy about either controller, although, to be fair, I’ve only held them for brief periods of time.

I used to be gassed up whenever it came time to get a new console. I switched from Nintendo to Sony to Microsoft with glee in my heart and a spring in my step. Now, however, I just don’t see anything yet that really warrants the plunge.

At least until Fallout 4 is announced.

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