Scanning Nier: Automata’s Desert: Complete the Heritage of the Past Quest

nier automata desert

Nier: Automata‘s “Heritage of the Past” quest seems interesting at first glance. Trawling through the desert and scanning for ancient relics sounds like a great adventure. Unfortunately, this quest can quickly become tedious if you don’t know where to start your search. The desert map is large, and it can take a long time to scan it completely.

If you’re hoping to finish this quest quickly, follow this basic guide. You’ll be able to find the items and complete the quest in no time.

The first three items can be found in any order. One item is located in this part of the desert:

NieR:Automata desert scanner quest

You’ll know you’re in the general area when a horde of screaming, suicide-bombing machines starts running toward you. Finish them off and scan the area until you find your first artifact.

desert scanner quest nier automata

Another item is located at the edge of the desert, not far from the Desert Oil Field Access Point:

nier automata desert heirlooms

Head to the area and look for two large rocks. The relic can be found in the space between them:

nier automata heirlooms of the past

You can find the third relic here:

nier automata desert scanner

Because this relic is in the middle of the desert, it might take some time to locate it. It’s in a large valley, not that far from a chest:

nier automata desert quest

After you’ve turned these three items in to your client, you can find the last item: a statue of a girl. Look for the item on this part of the map:

nier automata desert map

Once you’re in the area, use your scanner to locate the item:

NieR:Automata statue of a girl

Be prepared — you’ll be attacked when you try to pick the item up. Defeat the machines, grab the relic, and take it back to the collector to receive the last of your rewards.

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Popo san
Popo san
2 years ago

Hello! Miss Mandi, Do you have a complete list of all items buried in sand in the Desert Zone? All items that can be found with dynamic scanner, only the ones in Desert: Center, I know there are 4 relics to complete Heritage of the past quest (You give in this post directions where to find them) and I know there’s a weapon the Phoenix Lance, also 10,000G, but Did you make a list of all the other hidden items?

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