Persona 5 New Game + Guide: What Carries Over?

Persona 5 is long game that’s packed full of content. There are nine girls to date, five stats to max, and hundreds of Persona to capture and fuse. While it’s technically possible to 100% the game on your first playthrough, most people won’t be able to do everything their first time around. Thankfully, Persona 5 offers a New Game + mode.

Persona 5‘s New Game + mode won’t allow you to retain all of your progress. Some things, like character levels, Confidant ranks, and healing items, will be lost. That said, there are plenty of things you will be able to hold onto. Here’s what will carry over when you start New Game +.

Social Stats

persona 5 social stats

Every point of Knowledge, Charm, Guts, Proficiency, and Kindness that you earn during your Persona 5 playthrough will carry over into your New Game + file. This will make it much easier for you to gain Confidant ranks and max your relationships with other characters. It will also give you access to dialogue options you didn’t have in your original playthrough.


persona 5 black kogatana

Every piece of equipment you obtain, from your weapons to your armor to your accessories, will carry on with you to New Game +. In-game costumes, such as the winter and summer outfits that your party members wear, will also carry over. While you’ll retain all of your equipment, none of it will be equipped. You’ll have to re-outfit each character when they join your party.


persona 5 money glitch

In a game like Persona 5, you can never have too much money. You need money to rank up Confidants, buy equipment, and summon Persona from the compendium. Thankfully, every cent you earn will carry over into your New Game + file. You’ll be able to start off the game with plenty of cash.

The Persona Compendium

persona 5 legion

Persona 5 doesn’t allow you to keep the Persona you are carrying, but it does allow you to keep your compendium. This means that you can summon any Persona you captured or fused during your original playthrough. If you’d like, you can summon high-level Persona as soon as you gain access to The Velvet Room. If you’re hoping to conquer the Palaces quickly, you’ll want to have powerful Persona at your side.

Skill Cards

persona 5 skill cards

Is there a particular skill that you want your Persona to have? If you want to be able to teach your Persona useful moves like Apt Pupil and Regenerate, you’ll want to make sure you have the Skill Cards for those moves. Before you finish the game, you may want to execute some of your Persona using the Electric Chair. You’ll lose that Persona, but you’ll gain high-value Skill Cards.

Special Items

persona 5 valentine's day

Over the course of your Persona 5 playthrough, you will have the opportunity to receive special gifts. Any presents that you receive will be in your inventory when you start your new game. There are three different types of gifts you can obtain.

If you’re dating someone — or several someones — you’ll have the opportunity to spend Christmas with the girl of your choice. During this date, she’ll give you a Christmas present. This gift will make it easier for you to gain Confidant ranks with her in your second playthrough.

You’ll also have the opportunity to spend Valentine’s with your paramour. During this date, you’ll be gifted with chocolate that can restore 100 SP. Depending on the actions you take in the game, you may also receive chocolate from Sojiro.

When your journey is over, you’ll have the opportunity to say goodbye to the characters you were the closest to. If you maxed your relationship with a character, they’ll present you with a farewell gift. These gifts will give you access to some of that character’s Confidant abilities at the start of the game. You can see a full list of farewell gifts below.

[table id=1 /]


 persona 5 playtime

Persona 5 is a long, long game, and New Game + makes it even longer. Your playtime will follow you into your New Game + file, which means you’ll be able to see exactly how much time you’ve spent with this game.

It’s okay if you miss things during your first Persona 5 playthrough. New Game + makes it easy for you to pick up where you left off. You don’t have to push yourself to do anything and everything. As the game tells you, Persona is best when you take your time.

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