This Blade Runner: 2049 Trailer Is Absolutely Intoxicating

Blade Runner: 2049

Efficient. That is the word that to me best describes the feel of Blade Runner: 2049. At least according to the new extended trailer.

Unlike the serviceable yet completely superfluous Ghost in the Shell, released earlier this year, Blade Runner: 2049 has a hyper-stylized look and feel — but never at the expense of the world it operates in.

Ghost in the Shell dialed the visual panache up to ten to suggest excess without ever really exploring or relishing in it. As a result, it only ever felt alien, cold, and unwelcoming. Now, one could argue that was the point, but I would counter that no film should build an impenetrable wall between itself and its audience if it doesn’t plan a successful breach that leads to a deeper appreciation.

For all of the sci-fi visual flourishes and holograms and flashing lights, Blade Runner: 2049 still manages to be easily digestible for the mind and the eyes — it doesn’t just rely on flying holograms of goldfish to suggest, “whoa… the future man…”

Blade Runner: 2049

This new extended trailer for Blade Runner: 2049 only makes me want to learn more about this world, as well as its its story and characters.

Thanks in no small part to the directorial brilliance of Denis Villeneuve and the stellar cast — Jared Leto included — this trailer is oozing with square jaws, sweat, and pulsating synths — my God, the pulsating synths. And let me just say, props to Dave Bautista for transitioning from wrestler to film oddity to a solid actor and film presence.

Needless to say, this trailer has skyrocketed Blade Runner: 2049 to the top of my most anticipated movies list. A list, by the way, that’s sorely lacking (although the next Planet of the Apes has my giddy for Woody…)

Check out the extended trailer below.

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