How to Get the Yellow Gem in The Lab in Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

Crash Bandicoot The Lab

Getting the Yellow Gem in Crash Bandicoot — the first game in the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy — is no small task. In fact, we’d say it might even be tougher than getting the Red Gem in Slippery Climb or the Green Gem in Lost City.

To do this, you must break every box in The Lab and complete the stage without dying.

Most of the crates should be pretty self explanatory, but there are two in particular that might give you a great deal of trouble. Those boxes are both hiding in the Bonus Round, which you can get to by collecting all three Tawna Tokens and hopping into the portal. The tokens themselves are not tricky to find, but if you need help, you can check out our video below.

There are two hidden boxes in Tawna’s Bonus Round, and both of them are out of sight over the top of the level. When you first start the Bonus Round, you’ll see a stack of boxes with a Bounce Crate at the bottom and another one on top.

Crash Bandicoot Bonus Round

The hidden boxes are above the top one. In order to reach them, first clear out the three question mark boxes so only the Bounce Crates are left.

Crash Bandicoot Bonus Round

Now, you must jump onto the very edge of the lower one so you can bounce around the top one. If you can land on the top one, you can bounce up to smash the other two crates. If you need more instruction on this maneuver — it’s a difficult one — skip to the 0:43 mark in our video to see the Bonus Round.

To see our full playthrough of The Lab, and to learn how to get the Yellow Gem in Crash Bandicoot, check out our video below.

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