No Man’s Sky Beyond – How to Tame Creatures and Use Bait

No Man's Sky - Gek Riding an Alien

With the Beyond update, alien taming has finally been added to No Man’s Sky. When a creature is tamed, it can be mounted, or cookable resources can be gathered from it. However, the process isn’t exactly intuitive.

When you spot a creature in the wild, you can offer it Creature Pellets (on PS4, you do so by pressing the square button). While using Creature Pellets will definitely make alien critters happy, it won’t cause them to be tamed. For taming, you’re going to need some bait.

No Man's Sky - Construction Research Station

To craft bait, you will need to build a Nutrient Processor, and for that you’ll need the recipe. This recipe can only be purchased from the Construction Research Station, which can be found in the back of the Anomaly (see the image above). With the release of Beyond, the Anomaly can be summoned pretty much anywhere in space, so you can simply launch yourself into space and summon it (similar to how you’d summon your freighter).

The Nutrient Processor can be found in the Technology Modules tech tree.

No Man's Sky - Nutrient Processor Blueprint

It can be built using 2 Metal Plating, 1 Hermetic Seal, and 25 Sodium.

Now that you have a Nutrient Processor, you can use it to make bait. Keep in mind that different animals prefer different types of bait. So first, you’ll have to find a critter and scan it. Once you’ve recorded the data, you’ll be able to see what type of bait the creature prefers. The creature in the screenshot below prefers Sweetened Compost.

No Man's Sky - A Creature Who Loves Sweetened Compost

So now you’ll need to make up some Sweetened Compost. Thankfully, making bait isn’t quite trial and error if you use the Catalogue. (If you’re on PS4, you can access the Catalogue by pressing the Options button and then pressing L1 or R1 to cycle through the various menus. The Catalogue is right next to the Discovery Log.)

No Man's Sky Catalogue

Once you’re here, you can check out the bait types you’ve discovered, along with instructions on making them. As you can see in the above image, Sweetened Compost can be made from Faecium and other bait types. So first, you’ll construct a Nutrient Processor, then you’ll add some ingredients. For the sake of this tutorial, I used Faecium and Star Bulb to create Fermented Fruit. Then I emptied out the Nutrient Processor and started over, this time putting in some Faecium and the Fermented Fruit I’d just made. Finally, I had some Sweetened Compost.

Now, using the bait isn’t very intuitive. If you approach an animal, you’ll have the option to feed it Creature Pellets. However, you cannot feed it bait directly. You must toss the bait, and bait now has its own menu.

No Man's Sky - Tossing Bait

The bait menu now exists in the same menu that you’ll use to turn on your torch or summon your spaceship. If you’re on PS4, you can bring up this menu by pressing down on the D-pad. Click left all the way to the Utilities section, and press up on the D-pad. Press X (or up on the D-pad) to select the bait menu, then select your bait type and press X. Your character will fling the bait forward with a surprising amount of force, then the animal will rush over to it and eat it. Once the creature has eaten, it will show as tamed, and you’ll have the option to ride it, milk it, or collect eggs from it (options vary by creature).

So that’s how you tame creatures in No Man’s Sky Beyond. It’s a convoluted process, but hopefully this tutorial will make it just a bit easier.

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