I Don’t Exactly “Get” Proteus, but It’s Somehow Exactly What I Need Right Now


Proteus is a weird game. It basically plops you down into a 3D, low-bit world that you explore at your own pace. As you wander, the world reacts to your presence with musical tones.

What’s your objective? As far as I can tell, it’s really just to bum around until you find a portal that takes you into the next season, and to do that enough times to complete a single year cycle. But there’s nothing in the game to tell you this. You’re merely left to your own devices, drawn forward by your own curiosity.

Now, I recently had what might have been a fairly severe anxiety attack, which landed me a 10-hour ER visit. Since then, I’ve been trying really hard to take life a bit easier.

With that in mind, I’m far more willing to give Proteus a shot, as I can feel the serenity of its game world having a calming effect on me. I find it relaxing to just wander aimlessly and drown my thoughts in the almost hypnotic tones that emanate from various objects in the game.


So, even though I may not completely understand what I’m supposed to be doing in this world, I keep finding myself drawn back to it. And that, in and of itself, makes it worth the cost of admission, especially since I got it as part of the Curve Studios Mega Bundle (which includes the phenomenal Thomas Was Alone).

Would I recommend it to a friend? Well, I suppose that depends on the friend, but I’m almost inclined to say no. Unless that friend needs an affordable, particularly relaxing gameplay experience, of course.

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