The Kremlings in Smash Bros. 4 Give Me Hope for K. Rool

smash 4 k rool non featured

Like many Smash Bros. fans, I’m good at convincing myself certain things are a sign. I bought into all those theories about Toad being a playable character. I was certain that Leon S. Kennedy would be appearing in Brawl. And now, the Kremlings have me convinced that K. Rool will join the roster of Super Smash Bros. 4.

There’s no logical reason for me to think this. Smash Run features plenty of non-Kremling enemies, and Kremlings have appeared in Smash games before. They were trophies in Melee, and both trophies and stickers in Brawl. If the first game had had collectibles, they probably would have appeared there too.

smash 4 kremling

This time around, they’ve received a bit of an upgrade. They’re not just relegated to the realm collectibles or stage hazards. They’re actual enemies you can fight. There’s no reason that needs to mean anything, but I’ve convinced myself it’s significant anyway.

smash 4 kremlings

The stage between the initial Smash Bros. announcement and the game’s actual release is a period of magical thinking. Absolutely anyone can join the roster until proven otherwise. Nintendo always gives us a few incredible surprises, and that makes it easy to think there will be a few more. I can hope for characters like Geno, Krystal, and Isaac without so much as a shred of evidence. Believing in K. Rool is easy.

It’s not logical, but that doesn’t matter. The Kremlings in Smash Run give me hope for K. Rool, and I’ll keep on hoping for as long as I possibly can.

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