Disgaea 4: How to Exploit the Crap out of the Battle System

Disgaea 4

One of the coolest things about Disgaea‘s battle system is just how easily it can be exploited, and Disgaea 4′s is no exception. There are a ton of ways to sneak in extra turns or move extra spaces.

Lightgun Galaxy’s Mandi and I were chatting about this (after our discussion about Disgaea starting parties), and here are just a few of the tricks we remembered off the tops of our heads:

  • Every time you move a character, you have the option of undoing that move any time before that character has executed an attack or a throw. Move character 1 next to character 2, attack with character 2, and hope the two form a combo attack. Even if the attack is successful, you can undo character 1′s move and move them again next to another character and hope for another combo. And none of these count as that character’s actual attack, so you’ve got that too.
  • Landing on the spawn point of any map takes that character completely off the map. Whenever you do that, that particular character’s move resets from scratch. Using this trick you can move a character twice as far on a single turn as their move restrictions normally would allow.
  • Another way to move extra spaces is to use one character to throw another. You can also stack your characters into a massive totem, which allows you to use the bottom character to throw all the characters above him and her. The next character can throw the stack as well, and with a big enough chain, you can end up moving a single character an enormous distance in a single turn.
Disgaea 4
  • Pick up an enemy and throw it onto a square with another enemy. This creates one enemy whose level is the combined total of the two enemies it’s made up of. This means that you’ll get a lot more XP for killing that enemy.
  • You can also petition senators to pass bills to raise enemy levels, and these bills stack. This is another way to up your enemies’ level, which will grant you more XP per kill.

These are just a few of the ways to exploit Disgaea 4‘s battle system. Have any more tips? Leave them in the comments section.

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