Netflix Sunday Time Dumps: Blame!

Netflix Sunday Time Dumps

Here we are again, my fellow dumpers. Yet another Sunday is upon us, which can mean only one thing: it’s time to binge on some Netflix.

Last week we tore through two seasons of Sense8, and this week we’re dumping our time all over the Netflix-original Blame!

Blame! Anime

That’s right, Blame! is back and ready to castigate. Based on the late-90s manga — which was later adapted into an original net animation  — Blame! is an animated film from the good folks at Netflix.

Let me start by saying that Blame!‘s animations are fucking amazing. The character movements are impeccably fluid. The backgrounds and set pieces are gritty and alien. And the armor the main cadre of characters wears — steampunk space helmets and skeletal body suits — is nothing short of incredible.

The slightly different animation styles — for the character faces, their suits, and the set pieces — add a layer of depth to the visuals. It also makes it easier to appreciate facial animations and marvel at the well-worn world these characters inhabit.

This film is smartly allowed to breathe, taking its time to tell its story. Nothing feels rushed, so you have time to digest the plot and dialogue while gawking at the visuals.

Blame! Anime

I’m not a manga die-hard, so I’m an outsider here, but I have very little to gripe about when it comes to Blame! It’s an enjoyable romp with competent voice acting, stellar animation, a decent soundtrack, awesome-looking bad guys and cool action.

Blame! doesn’t try to reinvent the genre, but it scores high in the entertainment category and relatively low in the schmaltzy-motivational-monologues-to-build-courage category.

I’m a lot of ways, even though I have yet to play it, Blame! reminds me of Nier: Automata. A statement I’m sure in its utter ignorance is rife for controversy.

Check out the trailer below:

And here’s a bonus Netflix film to watch for: Bong Joon Ho’s Okja. Check out the trailer below.

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