Mobile Game Chichens Is Too Cruel for This Chicken Lover

Chickens are smarter and more sophisticated than they appear to be. Their intelligence is staggering; chicken communication skills are on par with primates. Unlike many other creatures in the animal kingdom, chickens are capable of feeling empathy. There are hidden depths beneath a chicken’s feathered surface, which is why I’m a die-hard chicken fan.

Unfortunately, this means I can’t play Hyperbeard’s mobile game Chichens.

hyberbeard mobile game chichens

Chichens seems like it would be right up my alley; the game is built around collecting and caring for adorable chickens. Sadly, the game is more mean-spirited than it sounds. After a few minutes of play, I had to shut the whole thing down.

See, the only way to get new chickens is to tap your chickens over and over again. The chickens, who are clearly in distress, dart around your screen as they desperately try to avoid your finger. You have to keep on tormenting your chickens until a new egg appears. Once your egg hatches, the cycle of chicken torture begins anew.

I should be the target audience for a game like Chichens. I love chickens, cute stuff, and ridiculous mobile games. But picking on cartoon chickens is something I have no desire to do. This game is definitely adorable, but it wasn’t designed for chicken fans.

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