Final Fantasy XV Update 1.12 Is Live, Adds Regalia Type-D

Final Fantasy XV Regalia Type-D

I just so happened to be playing Final Fantasy XV (the world’s best marriage procrastination simulator) when I noticed a message pop up saying Version 1.12 was available for download. This update adds a greatly anticipated feature: the Regalia Type-D, also known as the off-road upgrade for the Regalia.

This lets you drive the car all over the place, making terrain traversal insanely fast and fun.

Final Fantasy XV Regalia Type-D

It’s probably safe to assume this update also prepares the game for the Episode Prompto DLC, which arrives Tuesday.

The version 1.12 patch is enormous, at 8.65 GB, so you might want to get that sucker downloading as soon as you can.

Final Fantasy XV is a great game, and it’s amazing to see fresh content — both free and paid — on such a regular basis. And a recent survey in the game’s menu was asking players which features they most want to see in the future, implying that there’s going to be a whole lot more of this stuff on the way. That survey seems to have been disabled in Version 1.12.

Oh, and there’s supposedly another big Final Fantasy XV announcement coming at Gamescom this August, so stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, get your Update 1.12 going and take the Regalia Type-D for a wild ride.

If you’re curious about how to claim your upgrade, here’s how.

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