Quick Tips for Amiibo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Villager and Isabelle

One of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s quietest features is its amiibo functionality. I say “quietest” because very few people seem to be talking about it, yet amiibo figures and Smash Bros. are a remarkably potent combo (and they have been since the Smash 4 days).

But there’s a lot of confusion about how these things work, so I’ve compiled several quick tips for amiibo functionality inside Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Of course, this is just a condensed list of quick tips. If you really want to dive into amiibo FP training, you can check out my full guide.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Lucas
  • Scanning an amiibo figure creates what is called a Figure Player, or FP for short. This FP can fight against you, and it learns and levels up as it fights. All of the FP’s progress is saved on the amiibo figure rather than on the game cartridge or Switch internal memory.
  • You can toggle the “Learn” function on and off, allowing you to prevent your FP from learning and leveling up. This feature is new to Ultimate.
  • Your FP will learn to counter your fighting style. If you want to keep winning against an FP as it progresses, you’re going to have to adopt a versatile playstyle and learn to be adaptable.
  • If you’re good at emulating a friend’s playstyle, you can teach your FP to get good against that friend. Simply fight against the FP and do your best to mimic that friend’s playstyle as closely as you can. The FP will quickly learn to punish that playstyle.
  • FPs learn more from losing than they do from winning, so the harder you punish your FPs, the faster they’ll learn.
  • Don’t go easy on your FPs, even when they’re starting out. Trust me, they won’t go easy on you once they’ve learned your playstyle.
  • An amiibo FP can be made even more powerful by inheriting Spirits. How? Well, that’s a bit complicated, which is why I created a beefy guide to amiibo figures and Spirits.
  • Your FP’s level is virtually meaningless. I’ve run experiments that have shown this to be the case. Don’t worry too much about an amiibo FP’s level.
  • Re-scanning amiibo figures you’ve been training will sometimes result in free gifts. Scan your amiibo figures as often as you can.
  • Even non-Smash amiibo work with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I’ve compiled a huge list of what each of them does.

And that should cover the basics. Once again, if you want a guide with some more meat on its bones, check out my detailed guide to training amiibo FPs.

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