Every Map in EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II

Battlefront 2 Hoth

2017’s Star Wars Battlefront II is supposedly several times bigger than its predecessor, but how big is it? Well, let’s start by counting the multiplayer maps.

Sources seem conflicted on the number of maps in the game, and even EA seems determined to dodge transparency on this. The official “This Is Battlefront” trailer, shown below, claims “18 locations,” but this isn’t the actual number of maps in the game. It’s only the number of planets you’ll visit across both multiplayer and the single-player campaign.

So I took count for myself. How many multiplayer maps are there in Star Wars Battlefront II?

Well, here’s a complete list of every map in the game. (In case it’s not yet obvious, this is for the 2017 version of the game. If you’re looking for maps from the original Star Wars Battlefront II, the Battlefront Wiki has a full list.)

The majority of the maps are spread across Galactic Assault and Starfighter Assault, so we’ll start there.

Battlefront 2 Maz's Castle

Galactic Assault

Prequel Era

  • Naboo – Theed
  • Kamino – Cloning Facility
  • Kashyyyk – Kachirho Beach
  • Geonosis – Trippa Hive (added November 28, 2018, as a part of the Battle of Geonosis update)

OT Era

  • Tatooine – Mos Eisley
  • Hoth – Outpost Delta
  • Yavin 4 – The Great Temple
  • Death Star II – Command Sector North
  • Endor – Research Station 9

Sequel (Disney) Era

  • Starkiller Base – Command Center
  • Takodana – Maz’s Castle
  • Jakku – The Graveyard
  • Crait – Abandoned Rebel Outpost (added December 13, 2017, as part of The Last Jedi season of content)
Battlefront 2 Starfighter Assault

Starfighter Assault

Prequel Era

  • Kamino – Research Outpost
  • Ryloth – Lucrehulk-Class Battleship

OT Era

  • Endor – Death Star Debris
  • Fondor – Imperial Shipyard

Sequel (Disney) Era

  • Unknown Regions – Resurgent Class Star Destroyer
  • D’Qar – Resistance Base Evacuation (added December 13, 2017, as part of The Last Jedi season of content)

The Kamino map in Galactic Assault (Cloning Facility) and the Kamino map in Starfighter Assault (Research Outpost) seem to be two very different maps, as far as I can tell. I can’t find any common landmarks that would give it away, and the buildings in Research Station seem much larger.

As for the smaller-scale game modes, most of the maps are just pieces of Galactic Assault maps (here’s a full description of every one), but there are some exceptions.

Battlefront 2 Kashyyyk

The Kashyyyk map pictured above actually takes place in the treetops far above Kachirho Beach, and is an area that is completely inaccessible in the Galactic Assault map. So let’s call this Kashyyyk – Treetops. (Why DICE didn’t give these maps separate titles, I can’t say.)

Next is Theed. In the Heroes vs. Villains game mode, there is a Theed map that features a completely new area from the Galactic Assault map. So let’s call this Naboo – Theed Hangar. This map was actually added to Blast mode on August 29, 2018, so it’s no longer exclusive to Heroes vs. Villains.

Battlefront 2 Naboo Royal Palace Hangar

Additionally, a couple small-scale maps were added to the game in mini content drops. On March 21, an old Bespin map was added. An additional Endor map returned from the previous game to support Ewok Hunt mode. Jabba’s Palace returned as part of the Han Solo season of content, and a month later came a brand-new Kessel map themed around the Solo: A Star Wars Story film.

So now let’s list those out.

Prequel Era

  • Kashyyyk – Treetops
  • Naboo – Palace Hanger

OT era

  • Bespin – Administrator’s Palace
  • Endor – Ewok Village
  • Tatooine – Jabba’s Palace
  • Kessel – Coaxium Mine

So, between the base game and the first season of content, that’s a total of 18 maps. When you add  2018’s content drops, that brings the total to 23.

One thing that stands out when you see all the maps listed out is how heavily weighted toward the Original Trilogy the game’s map rotation was at launch. The first season of content brings a little balance to the Sequel Era — which is already over-representing The Force Awakens — but the Prequel Trilogy feels a bit like an afterthought. Let’s hope future content seasons fill this out a little bit.

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