Whatever Happened to Star Wars Battlefront II’s Holiday Havoc Playlist?

Battlefront 2 Gorilla Walker

December was a big month for Star Wars Battlefront II. Not only did we see a whole bunch of new content added to the game, we also experienced the first “season” of Battlefront events.

But one of the most mysterious of these events, the Holiday Havoc playlist, seems to be absent. According to the Battlefront II Seasons page on EA’s website, December 27, 2017, was supposed to bring a new playlist featuring a “fan favorite” maps selection.

Battlefront Holiday Havoc

But, at the time of this writing, that playlist still hasn’t shown up in the game yet. The other events scheduled for December 27 are here. Players can redeem their faction reward crate and begin this week’s challenges. But Holiday Havoc is nowhere to be found.

So we’re left with several unanswered questions. What are these “fan favorite maps?” Which modes will this holiday playlist include? Is there some sort of holiday surprise lingering? And what does “unleashed” mean exactly?

Sure, it’s the holidays, and the offices of both EA and DICE probably look like ghost towns, so perhaps a switch went untoggled or a server-side update went un-uploaded. Still, this is Battlefront II‘s first season of content, and it already feels like it’s been completely abandoned. This does not bode well for future seasons of content.

Star Wars Battlefront II has enormous potential if EA Games can reverse the bad PR surrounding the game. But right now, it doesn’t look like they’re trying very hard.

Let’s hope we hear from them soon about the future of Battlefront.

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