In Smash Bros., Shulk Is Kind of a Jerk

I’m a huge fan of Xenoblade Chronicles, and I generally think Shulk is a pretty cool guy. He’s not the most interesting character in the world, but he’s got a charming accent, psychic powers, and a kickass sword. In a JRPG, that’s all you really need.

But in his Smash Bros. reveal trailer, he kind of seems like a jerk.

Yes, Bowser is a stealer of princesses and an all-around bad dude, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to hit him in the back. He wasn’t even doing anything! He roared, sure, but he mostly just stood around and looked confused. Does his lack of clothing offend you that much?

I realize Back Slash is one of Shulk’s signature moves, and that punching people for no reason is the Smash Bros. way. Still, he could have been a little more considerate. I mean, when Marsh and Link attacked Shulk, they at least had the courtesy to make sure he could see it coming.

smash bros shulk vision

And after he takes out Bowser, he sports the smuggest expression I’ve ever seen. Getting hit by the Monado probably feels like getting stabbed with a taser. Show some empathy, man.

smash bros shulk smug

Shulk should be a terrific addition to the Smash Bros. roster. Some of the game’s best characters are anime-looking dudes with swords, and he seems like he’ll be a ton of fun to play.

But that doesn’t mean he’s a nice guy. I’d consider making him my main, but I wouldn’t ever take him out for a beer.

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