Disgaea 4 Is a Perfect Match for the PlayStation Vita

Disgaea 4

Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited is the PlayStation Vita’s exclusive version of Disgaea 4, and there are very few games better suited to the Vita’s library than this one.

See, you don’t just play a Disgaea game; you obsess over it. The battle system is simple on the surface but incredibly deep, and mastery of it takes hours of experimentation. Tactical RPG battles often include puzzle elements. Characters can be leveled to 9,999, then reincarnated back to level 1. The infamous “Item World” can suck hundreds of hours in its own right. And that’s just barely beginning to scratch the surface of what you’ll find in a Disgaea game.

Disgaea 4 is the sort of game you’ll want to bring everywhere you go. You’ll play it on the bus. You’ll sneak shorts bursts during work or school. You’ll bring your Vita into bed and play until you pass out.

Obviously, this is a game that needs to be portable.

With the Vita version including all of the PS3′s DLC — and some brand new extra content as well — at no additional cost, it will easily consume your life for months. If you’re a fan of things weird and Japanese, Disgaea 4 is the only game you need to tide you over until the fall game release season opens its floodgates of pre-holiday gaming bliss.

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