A Beginner’s Guide to Making Money in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Redemption 2 Wheeler Rawson Catalogue

The Red Dead Online economy can be pretty intimidating to newcomers. You’ll see fancy guns and camp upgrades selling for $500 to $800, and you’ll wonder how anyone would ever afford to buy something like that.

Over time, however, you will learn to maximize the efficiency of your time and start earning money at a pretty decent pace. But you can skip the learning curve by watching the video below.

In this video, my friend Classy Kawalaa explains how to make money in the very early stages of the game. He begins the tutorial with a level 9 character, $6, and only the varmint rifle (on top of the starter guns). With just this, he makes $100 in an hour. You’ll be making much more than that once you start buying into roles, but until then, $100 per hour is nothing to scoff at.

Note: this isn’t about gold bars or gold nuggets (if you want to learn how to earn those, I’ve created a separate guide). This is the cash that Rockstar refers to as RDO$.

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