SIGNALIS Is a Sci-Fi Horror Game with Incredible Pixel Art Graphics

Science fiction and horror have always blended together beautifully. From Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein to Ridley Scott’s Alien, there are countless works that combine both genres to great effect. SIGNALIS, an upcoming game from developer rose-engine, promises classic survival horror gameplay, but it also has a stunning sci-fi pixel art aesthetic.

On the game’s Steam page, SIGNALIS is described as a “Cold-War Eurasian retrotech-sci-fi take on cosmic horror,” which already sounds pretty spectacular. However, it’s the anime-style pixel art graphics that really make this game feel unique. It sort of looks like Metal Gear Solid filtered through Ghost in the Shell with just a pinch of Blame!, which is a pretty incredible combination.

Of course, this game has more going for it than aesthetics. Based on the trailer, it also looks like it’ll have a compelling story. Robert W. Chambers’s weird fiction classic The King in Yellow is featured prominently, which definitely has us intrigued.

Right now, SIGNALIS doesn’t have a release date, which means it’s probably a ways off. Still, this is a title worth keeping an eye on. If you want to see more of SIGNALIS, make sure you check out the trailer below:

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