Persona 5 Smash Bros. DLC Is Coming. Here’s What We’re Looking Forward To.

smash bros joker

After stealing hearts and dancing in starlight, the leader of the Phantom Thieves has a new mission: to Smash as many Bros as he can. In a surprise announcement at the 2018 game awards, Nintendo revealed that Joker from Persona 5 would be joining the Smash Bros. Ultimate roster in an upcoming DLC pack. Sorry, Waluigi; we’re sure you never saw this snub coming.

Presumably, Joker will rely on both gun and Persona attacks, which should make him a compelling addition to the already crowded Smash roster. That said, this masked tricker isn’t the thing that we’re most excited about. What we’re really looking forward to is everything that comes with him.

smash bros dlc pack

Nintendo has promised that every Smash DLC pack will include 1 fighter, 1 stage, and plenty of new music tracks. This means that we’ll be able to fight in exciting new environments while listening to some of the best music in video game history.

The Velvet Room, with its prison cells and brutal executions, definitely has potential as a Smash Bros. stage. However, if we had to make a prediction, we’d guess that the new stage would be based on Sae Nijima’s palace, the casino. It’s where the game starts, and it seems tailor-made for an arena fighter. It’s got visual panache, there are plenty of options for stage hazards, and it feels completely different from the 103 stages that are already in the game.

smash bros persona 5 casino

In addition to the phenomenal “Rivers in the Desert,” we’re expecting that the DLC pack will include songs like “Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out” and “Life Will Change,” which is more than enough to justify the $5.99 price tag. While we don’t want to be greedy, we’re also hopeful that the pack will include a few more goodies. We’d love to see some of Persona 5‘s other characters show up for Joker’s Final Smash, and a few new assist trophies would be amazing. Maybe Morgana can show up and put your opponents to sleep?

To say Joker is an unexpected inclusion in Smash Bros. Ultimate would be a massive understatement. We’re not sure anyone could have anticipated that Persona 5 would have a presence in the new Smash game. But now that we know Joker is coming, we can’t stop thinking about what will be coming with him. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate already feels too good to be true, but it looks like the DLC packs will taking the game far beyond our wildest fantasies.

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